Watching Emmanuell change before my eyes is unbelievable. He has taken bold steps towards building the life he desired and shattered paradigms and fears like they were pieces of paper as oppose to the brick walls that often are in our minds. His charisma and enthusiasm to learn and grow – to inspire and transform mixed with his genuine care and selfless heart is unrivaled in my mind…

Marc Angelo Coppola, Lifestyle Architect & Superhero Engineer at Superhero Academy

I consider myself the Patient 0 in Emmanuell’s quest to help others. He bestowed his knowledge upon me in times when I lacked my own, helping me open my eyes.
He was the architect of my transformation by putting down its foundation. he doesnt just lift you up, as a person, he gives you the wings to do it yourself and teaches you how to use them. After he was done with me I continued evolving in different aspects of my life, on my own.
For this I will always be grateful to him.

Rares Padure, Medical Student