My Story

My identity is closely tied to the idea of knowing, discovering, improving, learning from the past, going an extra step and doing my best if to be among the best.

But I wasn’t born this way; in fact I almost never got born. If I would’ve let myself pray to the circumstances, none of what I stated before would’ve had resonated with me. Reading this further on you will find out my story, what is that made me who I am today.

I am a man of many questions and answers with the sole purpose of achieving the best version of himself. Through the years I have gathered a lot of knowledge on how an individual can transform -to the best version that he can be- , many from personal experience. My life was like a roller-coaster full of ups and downs but I managed to learn every important lesson, to differentiate good from bad and to acknowledge the most important lesson for me: “In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others”.

Even before I was born, I had to face challenges, as my mother -being in her last year of college – and father decided to have an abortion, but a week prior to the abortion appointment my mother dreamed about this big, tall guy, long white hair as the robe he was wearing, also having a very bright face that told her: “You will have a boy, keep him, but no matter how many names you will give him, let his first name to be:  ”Emmanuell”. And that is how I was born and given the name of Emmanuell Norbert Tulbure. Nice to meet you!

After me being born, they decided to get a divorce -each one ending up getting remarried leaving for other city/country-, and to leave me with my grandmother  which took care of me since I was 10 days old. My grandmother is the best thing that ever happened to me, she took good care of me and invested a lot of time and money in my education, as one of the moral values that she engulfed me in was that of having a great education. By the age of three I knew how to read and by the age of five, I had already learned how to write and do calculus, as she, every day from 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. would put anything that she had to do on hold just to sit with me and help me learn. Little did I knew then that these little things would put the foundation of who I am today and for my affinity to learn, discover and improve.

She had this immense library with all kinds of books from basic literature to heavy literature as Dostoevsky and Shakespeare, from fairy tales as Hansel & Gretel to great philosophers as Epicurus, Nietzsche and Kant. I would succumb myself to reading day after day after day unknowingly improving my creativity, imagination and vocabulary, rendering me oblivious on the facts that I had to learn to ride a bicycle all by myself and to figure out things by experience as I had no parents close by to discuss my growing up issues and the age gap between me and my grandmother being too big. Which made me quite the introvert. All in all I had an imperfectly perfect childhood that taught me many lessons and gave me many experiences.

At the age of 14 right just before starting high school my father reappeared in my life –as we haven’t had any connection since I was 6- and together with my mom they decided to send me in another city for high school and eventually college. This is how the most hellish but revelatory part of my life began.

At fifteen years old I found myself in a new city here in Romania, without any friends or family, all by myself, forced to teach myself how to cook, clean, do laundry and all that everyday stuff. This is when I started to go full introvert, getting depressed, ignorant and without a sense of belonging.

As a first step to drive away these feelings I began taking up Taekwondo lessons, as I was growing to be very irascible and uncanny all the time. It began as a way to take out my frustration but little did I know that it will teach me great disciple and patience.

Speaking of it, Romania, is an ex-communist country, “on the rise” to say so, that after tasting democracy and the idea of freedom didn’t do much. Corruption is on the rise, the communist influences are still here, and the economics … oh well, let’s just say that the minimum wage is 200$/month.

A dark two years era grasped my life as I was all alone, passing through different groups of people with the sole purpose of sitting, listening and trying to see past the walls, past the mask that everybody is wearing from various reasons. As my affinity towards reading still existed, I began to read a large mass of occult books related to devils, angels, spirits, etc.  Philosophy and psychology books –as my curiosity about the human brain and why and how they behave in a certain way grew massively-.

All this new knowledge that I was taking in made me realize the importance of alone time and how can one beautifully evolve and expand his consciousness once he gets to know itself. I began to meditate doing a deep evaluation of myself and started to apply all that I was learning.

Doing so I realized that pain can be productive as it made me stronger, I let my mistakes be my teacher and my sorrow my guide, showing me that suffering is quite optional, it’s a matter of choice and that life will always give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. I decided then, that this current introverted-depressed version of myself is not who I want to be and that one of my Life’s biggest goal was to have the family that I never had, but for doing that I had to change, to become the best version of myself, to TRANSFORM.

I started shifting my everyday way of speaking, acting and thinking in a positive way.  Through my readings I found out about Reiki and I instantly searched a master close by to get my first attunement. And I did. After my first attunement things skyrocketed, from the depressive-introverted boy that I was I became and empathic-positive-extroverted man that worked every day unto achieving the best version of himself.

I was avid for results and I started to get disappointed when things didn’t go as I planned them in my mind.  Later on I had figured it out that the universe doesn’t work in the way I plan things in my mind and that creating expectations will only do more harm than good, that I must work on myself and so I can become the person that deserves that outcome.

I sat down and gave myself a pep-talk: “You see, achieving the best version of yourself is a process started modestly, a process that you must fall in love with in order to make it a priority. It’s more like running a Marathon and not a sprint as you won’t get there overnight, but step by step.”  So I realized I needed a plan because the best version of myself doesn’t mean just being healthy or smart but it means whole life: Physical, Spiritual and Mental.

When I followed the behavior of successful people I saw how I stacked up against that list of qualities they had. It felt good when I recognized some of them in myself but for the qualities that I did not have, watching their behavior and way of thinking it told me what I needed to work on. Successful people are always the first to act on their desire to continually grow, as improving yourself places you in upper echelon of any industry that you want to be part of. A better you can achieve a better communication, better habits and a better life philosophy which can lead to better networking and opportunities.  Growing in our personal and professional lives means looking at the whole picture,  dealing with both strengths and weaknesses. Each person’s income is determined primarily of who he is. You don’t work on the economy you work on yourself unto becoming more valuable.

“Many people start. Successful people finish.”

Jim Rohn

Since then I have followed my plan and worked every day unto becoming the best version of myself. Six years later I am still in progress but I came a long way, a way paved with a huge amount of intake and an equally amount of output that transformed the boy in the cocoon into a majestic butterfly.

Although I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and I am working for more than an year as a full time software developer I am certain that my Life’s calling is to help others transform into the best version of themselves. So now i am transforming from a 9 to 5-er to an experienced TRANSFORMATIONAL ARCHITECT that will help as many people as he can in their TRANSFORMATION process. My whole life was developed around this notion and I know that every one that wants to become their best version has the potential to do so. Through the accumulated experience I now know what the most important lessons to be learned are, the importance of a plan and its composition.

The world needs more butterflies, more people that will take the veil off their eyes and transform to the best version of themselves.

              Are you ready to make the first step towards the best version of yourself?