Top 3 Benefits of Having a Plan

        While following the behaviors of successful people I found myself almost in opposition with most of the qualities they had. It felt good when I recognized some of them in myself but for the majority that I was lacking, observing their behavior and philosophy showed me just what I needed to improve. All of them had a thing in common: A plan!

4 Crucial Benefits of Alone Time & How You Can Harness the Power of Solitude

         As you read this I am down at my local Starbucks at a table facing the wall, ALONE, where I daily disconnect for a couple of ours and add value to my life; either by reading, writing, studying, listening to my favorite music or simply relaxing. This is normal for me, it’s my daily alone time where I remove distractions and interruptions so i can increase my focus and productivity to enable myself to get work done faster and easier.